Run back in your mind to 1991.  There you’ll find the privileged San Francisco Balor family.

Yet all is not as it should be.

Harry Balor has implicit trust in his college friend and business partner, Demetri Kitos Nevi, for taking ARAWN’s aeroponic growing business to huge profits and for providing great world benefit.  Without explanation, however, son Joe Balor is taken off his critical engineering project.   Joe’s girlfriend is abruptly sent out of town, making Joe spiral down.  Joe’s defiant sister, Holle, returns from out West with a darkly mysterious fiance, causing her mother, Sofia, to make the best of an out of control situation.

Demetri and Harry engage their bankers in Japan for leveraging their own money in a money laundering scheme.   Charities are exploited.  Worse, a murderous mercenary propels the scheme further, turning many of the most beautiful places on earth – Canada, Yellowstone, Bolivia, Palau, Seattle, and Iceland – into the deadliest.

Undue influence from personal relationships, natural phenomena, and political intrigue cannot slow the inevitable.  Even the FBI, just a step behind, will not bring justice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * *

UNDUE INFLUENCE – A Crime Novel© 2016


322 pages, ISBN 13: 978-0-9976340-0-6

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Judi is a dear friend who shares my surliness toward all things routine and foolish. We agree that travel, and particularly independent travel, is a great antidote to the humdrum. So Judi pointed her imaginary laser at the map of Eastern Europe, and easily convinced me about this trip. The Baltic and Russia seem the best places to take our attitudes out for an airing. NotNyet is the blog that follows the two of us from Helsinki, through Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia,with a quick look at Berlin and Warsaw, and finally to Moscow, Suzdal, Novgorod, and St. Petersburg. The opinions expressed in this blog certainly are.

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